Underbalm Sample Pack

Underbalm Sample Pack natural deodorant

The perfect way to find your favourite Underbalm Natural Deodorant!

The sample pack, or starter pack, is such great value!

It includes a variety of five super sized natural deodorant starter containers - two regular Underbalm, two Silver Underbalm and the Magic Underbalm. Each container of natural deodorant lasts up to two weeks; so you're getting around ten weeks worth!!!

The metal tins are really handy for gym bags, handbags, jacket pockets, etc. When you've used them up, refill them with more Underbalm, or use as storage for pills, buttons, safety pins, dog treats, etc.

The colours on the Sample Pack lids correspond to the full sized products. For example brown is Vanilla and Lime, blue is Sandalwood and Mint, etc.


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