Beautifully natural soaps with essential oils, vegetable oils and butters for a luxuriously soft and smooth lather. If you haven't tried real soap you will be amazed at the difference! It is so good for your skin.

No3's Natural Hand and Body Wash

No3 produces hand and body wash from natural ingredients, for a soft and smooth lather, that feels so great on you skin. Standard liquid washes may contain a range of chemicals for stabilisation, consistency, and colour. No3 Liquid washes have minimal ingredients - through careful formulation over a range of years we have perfected the consistency and stability, and use no colourings.

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Some extra information

Many hand washes are harsh on skin and contain a range of unnecessary ingredients. Here are a few things that are important to us:

  • Antibacterial hand wash. A chemical antibacterial hand wash can be harsh on skin and can lead to rashes and other skin irritations. These components are an unnecessary addition as soap alone washes the germs away.
  • Some soaps can be quite drying and don't have moisturising qualities. We formulate our natural soaps to ensure they are packed with loads of glycerine - which is the key hydrating component of our liquid and bars soaps.
  • Hand washes that aren’t cruelty-free. Many dermatologically approved hand wash formulas are tested on animals. Because our hand wash is gentle on the skin, our research and development is carried out on volunteers, without the need for animal testing.

About No3

No3 is a family business that is passionate about creating natural beauty products.
Contact us to experience real natural soap made from quality ingredients.