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Go to your happy place with No3 candles

We are very proud that so many homes around NZ and further beyond have No3 Soy Candles as pride of place in kitchens, living areas, and offices. After nine years of supplying our candles, we love them as much as we always have. The fragrances on offer are the most popular choices of customers over the years and they are sssssssoooo delicious 🤤. We also manufacture candles that are non-toxic and cleaner burning. We only supply candles that we are happy to burn in our own home.

burning No3 candle
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The wax, the fragrances, the wicks and the containers explained

We’ve always been proud of the quality of our candles. No3 soy candles are crafted using vegan soy wax, making them the perfect eco-friendly option for your home. They are free of paraffin, which is a by-product of crude oil. The result is a clean, long-lasting burn that spreads the fragrance throughout your space.

Speaking of fragrances, our candles contain highly purified, paraffin-free oils that are not tested on animals and are phthalate-free. Phthalates are chemicals often used to make fragrances last longer, but have been linked to potential health risks. We only use fragrances that are safe for our family, and for your family.

We use natural lead-free cotton wicks. They are braided and "self-trim" while burning.

No3 soy candles are poured into beautiful, sturdy glass containers, topped off with a rubberwood lid. This wood is harvested from old rubber trees; when the trees are felled, more are planted in their place to ensure sustainability.

Super important information to know - a non-negotiable rule for Soy Candles

Please follow this advice in order for your candle to live its best life. Soy wax has a 'memory' and will only melt to the place it last burned to.

On the first burn, you must keep the candle alight until the wax has melted out to the glass - around three hours. This ensures next time you burn your candle it will burn out evenly to the edge. Subsequent burns don't take this long to melt to the outer edge.

If you don't follow this advice, your candle will start to tunnel down into the wax, and eventually it just won't work.


Mini Candle - Sweet Orange
70mm high

A fabulous gift, travel candle, office candle.


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small candle stage light

Regular Candle (50hrs)
80mm x 110mm, 280g wax.

A great size for desk or table top.

large candle hold sept 2023

X Large Candle (100hrs)
120mm x 125mm, 500g wax.

These candles are pretty big and weigh approx 2kg.