Exfoliating Bar Soap

exfoliating bar

Refresh and renew skin with our exfoliating bar soap infused with pumice. Great for dry summer skin, and also for cleaning summer-adventure feet and gardening hands!

Once or twice a week, treat your skin with our natural exfoliating bars. Your skin will be left feeling renewed and refreshed. Exfoliation sheds away dead skin cells, making room for fresh skin to emerge. This can enhance the effectiveness of our skincare range, allowing creams and oils to absorb faster, giving better hydration. Do not rub too hard on arms, back and legs, just a gentle lather.

The just-right amount of ground pumice gives a gentle abrasive effect, leaving your skin feeling sssoooooo good 🥰 🌿

Made with quality ingredients and a range of options to suit everyone. Each bar is designed and developed by the No3 team, with no artificial fragrance oils or colours.


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