About No3, our third child

Essential Skincare & Deodorant

We're a family-run business that designs and creates plant-based and vegan skincare products. Our objective is to provide high-quality, useful products to our customers who care about their skin's health. We're passionate about delivering excellent service, and our ethos is built on trust and quality.

Our products are honestly made with no unnecessary fluff, and every item we develop has a purpose. We're proud of our standout product, Underbalm, which is the best deodorant on the market, whether natural or not. Our customers agree, and it's our most popular and biggest gifting product.

We're constantly growing, and our product range continues to evolve, such as the recent Homewares addition that includes Aroma Stones and Soy Candles.

We have a growing list of stockists, and if you're interested in stocking Underbalm, please contact us. We're grateful to everyone who supports us and allows us to produce essential skincare. Thank you if you're an existing customer, or a potential one, and we look forward to serving you in the future.