The No3 Mens range is for guys who care about what they put onto their skin, and who want to use premium quality natural products.

Never used shaving soap? Check out our "How to" video with Wayne.

The Men’s Skincare Trend Is On the Rise

In recent times, men’s skincare has come to the fore of the grooming market. The previous notion that men don’t do skincare is long gone. It’s become part of the modern man’s routine to take care of himself, including his skin.

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Benefits of the Shaving Kit for Men

The tedious task of shaving can be better if you have the correct tools. Most men find it mundane; however, having a decent shaving set to work with can turn that around.

  • The high-quality chrome razor is compatible with a generic brand of blades. After several uses, it’s advisable to change the blades, so your shave is still close yet safe. The chrome razor is protected naturally from the eroding effects of water and always appears sleek in its men’s shaving set holder.
  • The brush that features in the kit is purely natural and does not contain any animal hair. Conserving the lives of animals and the environment is something you can be proud of when standing in front of the mirror every morning.
  • Natural soap completes the shaving set, which can last up to eight months. It contains Bentonite Clay which helps preserve the life of your shaving blade while the Bergamot and Patchouli help keep skin fresh and clean. Owning this set will inspire you to continue shaving and treating your skin with care.

What Sets No3 Apart Regarding Deodorant For Men

No3 offers a unique men’s deodorant in New Zealand – Underbalm, which is also unisex. Deodorants hide unpleasant odours and give off a pleasant scent, but they can be harmful to our environment.

  • Unlike some men’s deodorants that contain harsh chemicals, No3 offers a natural product that is available for both men and women. Underbalm®comes in either a paste or a cream and is rubbed onto the underarm to kill odours. It doesn’t only mask over the scent but removes it.
  • Three options of underbalm are available for various skin types – Magic which is magnesium based, regular, and Silver. Whatever the condition of your skin, there is a product that you can use. It’s an all-natural product, it doesn’t leave any residue and absorbs into the skin immediately.
  • Already a popular choice in New Zealand, a jar or tube of Underbalm® has the potential to last for around three months, with a just a small application needed every day. It beats buying a new can of deodorant every month.

The Importance of Men’s Natural Skincare

There’s a common misconception that men don’t require skincare; as their skin is sturdier or more resilient than women, which is misguided.

  • Men have more active sebaceous glands which means more pores. This translates to the skin being more open to airborne effects. Think of them as doorways to your skin, which is why a fair degree of skincare is needed. After a full day of exposure, a cleanse in the evening will preserve your skin condition.
  • Shaving stresses out the skin, and with every shave, you end up removing a thin layer of skin cells and exposing ‘immature skin’ to the outside elements. The skin on a man’s face is thus much oilier and shinier. Using skincare products help feed your skin all the nutrients it needs to be healthy.
  • Although ageing affects men much later than women, when it does come around, it’s a rapid process. Regular nourishing of your facial skin will help diminish the ageing effect when it comes around.

What You Can Expect From No3 Regarding Men’s Skincare in New Zealand

  • All our products are manufactured in New Zealand and are entirely natural. We’re completely plant-based with no testing done on animals.
  • Products that last longer. Because of its contents, using just a little goes a long way. For example, just a few drops of the soothing after-shave oil leaves your skin feeling smooth and nourished for longer — no need to splash on loads of after-shave.
  • A comprehensive shopping experience that includes detailed tutorials on how to use certain products and an online store.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Men’s Skincare

The concept of men’s skincare is a fairly new one which is why people do make mistakes.

  • Not cleansing and moisturising daily. Your facial skin is always exposed; therefore, bacteria and other microbes come into contact with it. It’s essential to cleanse every day, which may lead to dry skin; that’s where moisturising is necessary. It provides your skin with all the necessary vitamins.
  • Failing to adhere to a shaving routine. To avoid red, itchy bumps, you need to turn shaving into an enjoyable exercise. Shave after you shower when your pores are open, and skin is softer. This way, the razor won’t tear away or bump your skin resulting in sore and itchy skin.
  • Using products with harmful chemicals in them.

What You Will Gain By Choosing No3

The benefits of choosing a plant-based product not only helps you as the user but the environment too. Our entire range is vegan and premium quality. The products are designed to be useful to people who care about their skin. The overall condition of your skin will improve by using any of our skin related items. You get peace of mind, knowing that we don’t test our products on animals.

Why No3 is Cost-Effective

Everybody wants to look and feel good. A major part of this is taking care of your skin, more especially your facial skin. Using products on your skin was previously considered too feminine. This scenario has changed in recent times, and the modern man takes skincare seriously.

No3 offers products that are safe to use for both male and female. For example, our famous Underbalm® is better than traditional deodorants. With no harmful additives and all-natural products, it does the job of deodorant for men or women without harming our environment or animals.

All our products are made in New Zealand and range from plant-based skincare, natural deodorant and soaps and shaving tools. Find the right product for you in our online store and have it delivered to your door.. Contact us if you’d like more information on No3 and what we offer.