Soap Shaving Soap


  • Keep dry in between uses, and in dry part of shower.
  • Use well-draining soap dish.
  • No3 soaps are long lasting in the shower, and last for weeks if used as hand soaps.
  • No3 soaps are made to be used. Unlike fragrance oils, essential oils won’t last forever, so use them and enjoy them!


  • Traditional shaving takes a bit of practice, but it is worth it.
  • Steam your face and neck with a hot flannel. Even better if you have a hot shower first, then use hot flannel.
  • Soak your shaving brush with hot water and shake off excess water.
  • Circle brush onto shaving soap – about 20-30 times to produce thick lather.
  • Apply to face in circular motions.
  • If your soap has large bubbles you have too much water.
  • If it is too pasty you need more water.
  • If your lather looks like a meringue and spreads smoothly onto your face and neck, you have it just right.
  • When finished rinse whole container under water, shake off and leave to dry. No need to screw lid back on - up to you.

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